Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi: Where did he come from?

Not from around here, obviously. So what hell did that Jordanian hirabanista come out of? Before he goes back to that or some other hell, what insights can we get into his background that might help us stop susceptible young muslims from going to the dark side and becoming full-fledged terrorist hiraba-seeking jackals?

Al-Hayat Inquiry: The City of Al-Zarqaa in Jordan - Breeding Ground of Jordan's Salafi Jihad Movement

The London daily Al-Hayat published a three-part inquiry by correspondent Hazem Al-Amin on the Salafi Jihad movement in Jordan, particularly in the city of Al-Zarqaa – the birthplace of Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi, the Al-Qa'ida leader in Iraq.

In Part One of the inquiry, published December 14, 2004, Al-Amin reviewed his impressions of his meeting with Jihad fighters from that city who had fought alongside Al-Zarqawi.

Part Two, published December 15, dealt with the social and political infrastructure, in an attempt to understand this city's unique contribution to the emergence of this and other extremist Islamist trends.

Al-Zarqaa Sent the Most Youths to Wage Jihad in Iraq

According to the inquiry, "Al-Zarqaa, located near the Al-Ruseifah Palestinian refugee camp, is the capital of the Salafi Jihad movement in Jordan, and the place from which it emerged. Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi grew up in one of its neighborhoods, and from there set out for the Jihad in Afghanistan, and then for the Jihad in Iraq." Likewise, the cities of Al-Zarqaa, Al-Ruseifah, and Al-Salt are "the Jordanian cities that sent the most youths to fight in Iraq… The well-known Al-Zarqaa residents who were killed in Iraq were supporters of Al-Zarqawi, Abd Al-Hadi Daghlas, Yassin Jarrad, and Yazan Nabil Jarada. This is in addition to the dozens [from Al-Zarqaa] who were martyred before, in Afghanistan."


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