Sunday, January 23, 2005

Al Qaeda Reader to be published soon

By Mark Egan, 21 Jan 2005 NEW YORK (Reuters)
A spokeswoman for publisher Doubleday said it was important for Americans to understand the mind of their enemy. "This gives a direct perspective on their philosophy," Suzanne Herz said on Thursday.

Herz said Doubleday had "no intent to offend anybody who suffered at the hands of the terrorists" but hoped to "educate Americans and offer information useful to combat the enemy." The company would donate any profits to charity, she said.

The book draws on two texts published in the Middle East in the 1990s -- one from International Jihad Press, which has no known address, the other printed by a small imprint in Jordan.

The first text is "The Battles of the Lion's Den of the Arab Partisans in Afghanistan (news - web sites)" -- a compilation of interviews with bin Laden and his associates giving an oral history of al Qaeda.

The second source is "Bitter Harvest," a treatise on jihad penned by Zawahri.

Doubleday said it will pay royalties to the translator of the original Arabic material -- Raymond Ibrahim, a Library of Congress employee who is still working on the book.

Doubleday plans to donate any profits to a charity to be named before the book is published.


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