Saturday, January 15, 2005

Arab Officials Lie to the Western Media about Islamic Traditions

Conclusion from the Middle East Media Research Institute's article summarizing an article by Egyptian progressive Dr. Sayyed Al-Qimni
'Imagine What the Free World, Headed by America, Could Do to the Muslims if It Wanted'

"Can you imagine what the free world, headed by America, could do [to the Muslims if it wanted]. Some of our intellectual rabble … talk of the heroes of Fallujah and what they did to the greatest country in the world [i.e. America]. They do not think for one moment – [assuming] that they think [at all] – that America was capable, with one push of a little button, of permanently wiping Fallujah off the map of the world, particularly after 80% of the civilians had left it.

"But the concern for the rest of the civilians [who remained] within [the city] pushed America to fight from house to house, while it had weapons of destruction that could have preserved it so it wouldn't lose a single soldier.

"If these weapons of destruction were in our hands … wouldn't we – out of loyalty to our forefathers – act like Khaled bin Al-Walid [in the battle] against the Iraqi Bakr bin Wa'il tribes, and slaughter them as we pleased … or like Said bin Al-'Aas, who destroyed everyone in the city of Tamisa…

"This world that we fight against, covet, and hate [i.e. America and the West] has in the past sacrificed 40 million to defend its freedoms – [freedoms] that we do not understand – and is more zealous about them than we are about our Islam… We all know that they obtained their rights in the past and that they know how to obtain them [today], and are capable of doing so.

"Are there any wise [men] in the nation of the Bedouin? Is anyone listening? I call upon you … to awaken from the death throes of your legends, because every one of us has children whom we want to live in a different time and a different culture…"
The article documents numerous bald-faced lies told by Muslim apologists in response to westerners who ask questions about slavery, beheading, terrorism and other ancient Muslim traditions. Importantly, as noted in the article, lying in this way is a sin that should be punished by death.
Someone who denies something that is known with certainty in the religion is considered an apostate [Murtad] and is sentenced to death, unless he recants.
Yet we do not see the apologist liars getting beheaded on the internet. Why not?

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