Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How to Ruin A Perfectly Good Relationship

Mystic Cowboy has this excellent list on his site, but it's mis-numbered just a little bit. I just had to fix it up.
  1. Control everything and everyone
  2. Never take the blame yourself; instead, make your partner wrong
  3. Make it a habit to spend more money than you have
  4. Win every fight, even the ones you couldn't care less about
  5. Keep score
  6. Use threat often
  7. Find your partner's weak spot and use it against him/her.
  8. When your partner tries to please you, find fault with their efforts
  9. Hold fast to the belief: "If you loved me you would know what I want"
  10. Demand your partner remain faithful but refuse to meet his or her sexual needs
  11. Use silence as a weapon
  12. Pretend that you don't hear
  13. When your partner tries to apologize, bring up more complaints
  14. Refuse to give information
  15. When you realize you haven't given your partner some important info, insist that you did
  16. Claim to be the only one interested in the relationship
  17. Never ask for help
  18. Confide only in friends
  19. Take it personally when your partner wants time alone
  20. Discount your partner's physical complaints
  21. Give advice where it isn't welcome
  22. Never pick up after yourself
  23. Refuse to seek help for your depression
  24. Refuse to talk
  25. Focus on changing your partner
  26. Focus all your needs on sex
  27. Take all problems as further proof that the relationship will not work
  28. Put your friends before your partner
  29. Keep romantic gestures to a minimum
  30. Focus on your partner's faults and deny your own
  31. Let days go by without a kind word or loving gesture
  32. Practice verbal abuse
  33. Do not listen to your partner's ideas or suggestions
  34. Ask your partner to share feelings and when s/he does, EXPLODE
  35. Start conversations when your partner is busy, or better yet, exhausted
  36. Let disagreements fester
  37. Say what you think your partner wants to hear, then do as you please


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