Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iran the Lone Voice of Reason in the Middle East?!?!

The Tehram Times editorializes:

The terrorists surely would not be able to carry out acts of violence against the Shia unless they were receiving domestic and regional support... If this dissension continues and a significant number of Sunni clerics remain silent about the disrespect shown towards Shia religious sanctities, Iraq will begin to head towards civil war... Thus, holding a free and fair election based on the votes of the majority, but also allowing the minority to attain their rights through casting their ballots, is the only way to end the current crisis in Iraq.

Iran's Tehran Times editorial

What remains unsaid is that the Sunni clerics and Sunni governments are betting on a civil war in Iraq. Only through a civil war and overt Sunni intervention (as opposed to the current covert Sunni intervention) can the Sunni Arabs once again rule Iraq and oppress the Sunni Kurds and Shi'ites.

The full editorial goes on to say
The enemies of Islam are trying to implement a plan of managed chaos in Iraq. They seek to divide the various communities, especially the Shias and the Sunnis. The enemies are well aware of the fact that a stable and united Iraq could act as a model and an anchor for the region and the entire Islamic world. However, they also know that a volatile Iraq would spread instability throughout the region and facilitate their hegemonic plots.

Therefore, all Iraqis must work for national cohesion. The Iraqi Shias should not attempt to sideline the Sunni Arabs as an act of revenge for their years of marginalization. The enemies of Islam are laying a trap to cause a Shia-Sunni civil war. The Iraqi Shias must not be deceived by this intrigue and must do everything in their power to defuse this plot.
At question is the identity of the "enemies of Islam." America and Israel? Or the Islamist terror machine?

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