Sunday, January 23, 2005

Islamo-fascism's Holy War against Representative Government

One Hand Clapping lists the reasons why The Islamic Army in Iraq says that democracy should be prohibited.
  1. Ruling is for Allah alone - not for the people - and the people should merely obey Allah's commands and his Islamic law..." ...
  2. The religion of Allah is complete, as are his Islamic laws comprehensive and complete. Therefore, casting ballots over his already known and established laws is considered to be the worst of the forbidden acts. ...
  3. The basic concept in democracy is 'rule of the majority', yet Allah in his power and majesty has demonstrated to us before that the majority of the people have strayed from the path [of the religion]... so how are we to let that majority lead us when most people are ignorant?
  4. Leaders in Islamic societies are to be chosen based on their religious credentials alone. But elections "eliminate these prerequisites."
  5. The role of leaders in Islamic societies is to implement the laws of Allah, not laws made by human beings, which is what Jews and Christians do.
  6. Legitimacy comes not from elections but from the laws of Allah. To think otherwise is idolatry, "the idolatry of democracy."
  7. In democracy everyone is equal, however the laws of Allah do not.
  8. Rules for enfranchisement in a democracy include no assessment of piety, but are instead arbitrary.
  9. Any Muslim participating in an election or democracy becomes an infidel. Anyone establishing a constitution based on "garbage from infidel ideologies becomes even more of an infidel."
  10. Democracy is a trick used by Jews and Christians to deceive the people.

    And finally, the key words:

  11. No one should be fooled by the infidel religion of democracy and by the concept of freedom

For Islamists, the most desirable state of human society is not one that is free, in the Western sense, but one that is submissive to Allah, according to the dictates of Quran. This state of society is dar al Islam , the world of peace. Anything else is the dar al harb, the "world of war." Societies, peoples or nations are either at war with Allah or at peace (through submission) to Allah.

This concept of submission is the matter of ultimate concern to Islam generally and is enormously amplified by radicalized Islamists. In their view, no sacrifice is too great to achieve their ends, and no violence is unjustified. I don't think we have reached the point yet of widespread American understanding that the war is one of ultimates for us as well.

Dennis Mullin, who traveled widely in the Islamic world for 10 years as a foreign correspondent for U.S. News and World Report and other publications, wrote in the WaPo in 2003 that "The present war is really a crusade" fought by Islam against the West- and non-Western non-Muslims.

Lest there be any doubt that what is going on now is a real crusade, and not just a protest against American hegemony, it is important to note that al Qaeda and other Muslim forces are now or have been engaged in conflicts not just against the West proper, but against Hindus in Kashmir and increasingly in other parts of India, as well as against Orthodox Russians in Chechnya. Moreover, the Muslim Uighurs are fighting the mostly Buddhist Chinese; and Muslims are doing battle in Indonesia and the Philippines. ... Muslim extremist cells are operating in scores of countries, and their cross-border cooperation in training and financing gives credence to the assumption that the driving force is not strictly localized grievances (witness Kenya, Bali) as much as a clarion call to a worldwide transnational Islamic revival.
And summing up
The real issue is whether the Western Civilization shall prevail against the last vestige of medievalism; whether the rule of men who behead their prisoners, enslave their women and deny the rights of self-determination to their own people, shall kill us and displace us, to whom the individual and individual rights are sacred and whose laws require respect for freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and whose traditions preserve freedom from fear and cruelty. In the long history of civilization, this task is to be done now.
Strongly put.

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