Friday, January 07, 2005

Where was God in the Asian tsunami disaster?

Waiting in Joyful Hope with a recent homily on the Indian Ocean Tsunami.
The recent disaster in South-East Asia is, for many people, a challenge to their faith in God. As Christians, we are called to bring a message of truth and hope to the world, particularly in trying times like these. It is therefore important that we come to a clearer understanding of God's providence and salvation.


So we can have confidence that God's providence truly was and is present in South-East Asia. We see this in all kinds of little miracles, like the amazing ability of many animals to escape destruction, or the small "coincidences" which led to many lives being spared here and there. The outpouring of assistance and generosity is another sign of this providence, as the Holy Spirit moves the hearts of people to compassion.


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