Monday, February 21, 2005

Fewer Mosques Please!

From Arab News, via Crossroads Arabia
Why So Many Mosques?
Ali Al-Suwaigh • Al-Watan

An investigation into how local culture influences people’s behavior would reveal that the overwhelming majority of our philanthropists and do-gooders spend their money on building mosques. Huge amounts continue to be spent to build mosque all over the Kingdom. ...

Charity is not limited to one specific field as some may think. Our religion encourages us to perform charitable acts but without limiting ourselves to any specific fields. Islam leaves the door wide open for those who want to spend their money for the public good and benefit. Not only that but the rewards and benefits that come from certain types of charity far exceed those for building mosques. This is especially true if the good work answers an urgent public need. We mean, for example, building schools, hospitals, and specialized medical centers for the treatment of certain diseases, social and cultural clubs, orphanages, vocational training centers that help young people learn a skill and find work, thus reducing unemployment, helping young people of both sexes marry and start families.
As Crossroads notes, the writers are are talking about too many mosques in Saudi Arabia!!!!!

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