Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hamad Laif and the 40 Thieves Captured in Mosul

Mosul 02/02/2005

Iraq-Ninawa Province
By A Friend of Democracy

Special Forces in Ninawa governorate were able to arrest a terrorist network numbering 40 people. This was announced by the Brigadier general commanding the Special Forces assigned by the ministry of interior to Mosul to reinforce the security situation there before and after elections. He said that Special Forces were able over the last 48 hours to rid the city of one of the most dangerous gangs. Their arrest was possible thanks to great efforts in gathering intelligence from reliable sources, and to the cooperation of the local inhabitants with the security forces by denouncing the criminals. He added: the Special Forces implemented a rapid and immediate plan, based on reliable information, to storm the refuges used by these gangs. The members of the gangs confessed of having carried out assassinations on a number of officials, police recruits and national guardsmen as well as kidnapping a number of the city’s citizens and kidnapping and killing 2 girls after raping them.

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