Monday, February 14, 2005

How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet

al Qaeda website image
Release Date: March 2004
"By its very nature, the Internet is in many ways an ideal arena for activity by terrorist organizations. Most notably, it offers
  • easy access;
  • little or no regulation, censorship, or other forms of government control;
  • potentially huge audiences spread throughout the world;
  • anonymity of communication;
  • fast flow of information;
  • inexpensive development and maintenance of a web presence;
  • a multimedia environment (the ability to combine text, graphics, audio, and video and to allow users to download films, songs, books, posters, and so forth); and
  • the ability to shape coverage in the traditional mass media, which increasingly use the Internet as a source for stories."
A valuable reference.

What can you do about it? See here.

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