Saturday, February 26, 2005

Islamic Terror High School? Yes or No?

I like Crossroads Arabia a lot. Recently John at the site wrote that he didn't think the story about the Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia, of which Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who is on trial for conspiring to assassinate the President of the United States, was the 1999 valedictorian, was all that big a story.

Firstly, any tangential story off a story of a plot to assassinate the President is a big story.

Secondly, AOAA isn't the only bad egg to roll out of the ISA incubator. As I commented on Crossroads Arabia.
Last August, a former comptroller of the school, Ismael Selim Elbarasse, was arrested as a material witness by federal authorities who called him a high-level operative for Hamas, the Palestinian terror group.

In March 2002, another graduate of the school, Mohammad Usman Idris, then 24, was charged with lying to a grand jury probing plots against Israel.
A December 16, 2004 decision by U.S. District Court Judge John Bates includes some interesting facts about Abu Ali: He is apparently associated with the “Virginia paintball” case, in which two men, Randall Royer and Ibrahim al-Hamdi were convicted for their participation in what prosecutors called a “Virginia jihad network.” Royer and al Hamdi received long prison terms; seven others pleaded guilty or were convicted in that case, and two were acquitted at trial. Abu Ali might have known defendants in the Royer case; he and three of the Royer defendants were arrested in June 2003 in Saudi Arabia, where he was held there at the request of the FBI until just recently.
From taken from a Washington Post article
Eleventh-graders at the elite Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia study energy and matter in physics, write out differential equations in precalculus and read stories about slavery and the Puritans in English.

Then they file into their Islamic studies class, where the textbooks tell them the Day of Judgment can’t come until Jesus Christ returns to Earth, breaks the cross and converts everyone to Islam, and until Muslims start attacking Jews. …

The 11th-grade textbook, for example, says one sign of the Day of Judgment will be that Muslims will fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say: “Oh Muslim, Oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him.”

Several students of different ages, all of whom asked not to be identified, said that in Islamic studies, they are taught that it is better to shun and even to dislike Christians, Jews and Shiite Muslims.

Some teachers “focus more on hatred,” said one teenager, who recited by memory the signs of the coming of the Day of Judgment. “They teach students that whatever is kuffar [non-Muslim], it is okay for you” to hurt or steal from that person.
The Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) in Northern Virginia forthrightly states that even though it exists on U.S. soil, it is “subject to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Students at ISA are not required to study U.S. history or government. They do, however, receive instruction in Wahhabism.

Outsiders are not permitted to observe Wahhabism lessons or any other classes at ISA. But early this year, students at the academy told two Washington Post reporters some of the things they learn at school. Among other things, students discover the intricacies of Judgment Day.

One event on that formidable day will be that Muslims will fight and kill Jews. The cowardly Jews will seek refuge behind trees. Much like the trees in the forest scene from the Wizard of Oz, these trees will become animated and aggressive. They will call out to the righteous: “Oh Muslim, Oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him.”

Students also said they are taught “it is better to shun and even to dislike Christians, Jews and Shiite Muslims.” Furthermore, students learn, it is okay to hurt or steal from a non-Muslim.

The Saudi-supplied textbooks at this and other Wahhabi schools state that Muslims are obliged to consider all infidels the enemy. Certain enemies are not even acknowledged in geography class. Wahhabi schools in America are notorious for doctoring maps of the Middle East, and hanging them in classrooms - with Israel blotted out.
The evidence I could find online about the ISA doesn’t cast it in a good light.

Something I would like to find out is exactly how the educational program has changed in Saudi schools. How are the Qutbist and Jihadist/Muhirab leanings of the old instruction being ameliorated? I’ve read plenty of pretty platitudes about fixing the education system, but have seen no concrete proposals or proofs of change. Is it another chimera, like empty Saudi promises to restrict charitable giving to terrorists? I hope not. But I fear so.

Sincerely, Lorenzo
Crossroads Arabia has a reasonable response to this screed. Summarized, 2 students and one administrator bad eggs out of 28,000 isn't all that bad a ratio. After all Columbine had as many baddies. It goes on to suggest several further steps that can be taken to follow-up on Saudi promises to revise their curriculum in order to see that they are actually making a difference.

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