Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jihad City NJ

The Weekly Standard digs into the sordid history of Jersey City NJ. Jersey City is not just your average all-American city. And this activity by no means stopped or went underground after 9/11.

The Weekly Standard:
Soon after September 11, in November 2001, a reporter from the Canadian daily National Post, Marina Jimenez, visited the Jersey City mosque undercover. In an article entitled "The radicalization of U.S. Muslims," she noted the stern warning posted in front of the mosque: "Those who do not belong to this Muslim community will be prosecuted for trespassing." The mosque's Egyptian-born imam, Sheikh Mohammed, she reported, called for a show of loyalty not to the United States, but to oppressed Muslims around the world, especially in Chechnya, Palestine, and Afghanistan, echoing Osama bin Laden's message.
This is a Jihadist Mosque, a temple of evil rivaling anything Indiana Jones blundered into in the movies.

Combined with Zawahiri's recent mention of Copts (remember that the Egyptian doctor Zawahiri, 2nd demon prince in charge of al Qaeda, was the head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad which was one of the two organizations that became Al Qaeda, so he has a long history of targeting Copts in his native country), the circumstantial evidence that Egyptian Jihadists had the motive and the opportunity to do this is strong. They may have been local, like those who mailed the Anthrax letters. They may have been brought in from another country. We don't know.

I'll be keeping my eyes open. I hope you will too.

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