Saturday, February 26, 2005

Patron Saint of the Internet

Peggy Noonan writes about the Patron Saint of the Internet in Opinion Journal:
The obvious patron saint of the internet is St. Joseph Cupertino. St. Joseph was a great man of the 17th century, and is my second favorite saint.

Many saints were deeply intelligent, and some were geniuses, but St. Joseph Cupertino, God bless him, was a bit of an idiot. ...

Why is St. Joseph Cupertino the obvious patron saint of the Internet? Because he flew through the air, lifted by truth. Because no establishment could keep him down. Because he empowered common people. Because they in fact saw his power before the elites of the time did. And because it could not be an accident that the center of the invention of the Internet, ground zero of Silicon Valley, is Cupertino, Calif., named for the saint centuries ago.

Was God in this? Of course. Does God do such things for no reason? He does not. Has the church recognized St. Joseph Cupertino as patron saint of the Internet? No. But the church was always slow to give him his due. If you want to tell the pope that St. Joseph should be patron saint, you can reach him at

It's a great article. Read it all.


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