Friday, February 11, 2005

A Phone Call from Armanious

From an article in about threats of violence in the religious chatrooms on Pal Talk, an anecdote about Hossam Armanious.
In the Jersey City case, investigators have removed the computer from the bedroom the two daughters shared, and FBI investigators are scouring it for clues. It was the only computer in the house, and family members say Armanious, like many parents, often relied on his daughters to help him navigate the Internet.

"It doesn't appear this guy was obsessed with the Internet," said DeFazio, the Hudson County prosecutor. "We don't know the scope of his use as of yet."

One person Armanious may have contacted is Tovia Singer, the conservative host of an Israel National Radio show simulcast on PalTalk.

Singer remembers an unusual call he received six months ago from a PalTalk user with the nickname "I Love Jesus." That was Armanious' nickname, friends said.

Singer recalls Armanious describing the religious tension in Egypt between the Muslim majority and the Coptic Christian minority.

"He was a deeply passionate man who spoke with fire in his stomach about what's happening to his people in Egypt, about the experience of oppression there and how they were perpetrating atrocities," Singer recalled.
This is a valuable lead for speculation about Armanious. These speculations are not reliable. But they could be confirmed or disproved by reporting.

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