Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rant: Appeasement is Apartheid

NYT spins the Islamist Threat to Europe into a Belgian Political Threat against ordinary law-abiding Islamists whose only crime is to dream of turning Belgium into a Muslim Caliphate. Irony intentional. Check this juxstaposition out:
Fear of Islam's transforming presence is so strong that even many members of Antwerp's sizable Jewish community now support Mr. Dewinter's party, even though its founders included men who sympathized and collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.
In the USA, both the populodemopublicans and the paternirepublicrats included men who sympathized with the Nazis ***SIXTY-FIVE FRICKIN YEARS AGO***. There probably aren't many of those Nazi symps left either in the USA political parties or in Belgium? Whaddya think?

And what are the *Dutch* speaking Belgians supposed to do when they see their fellow Dutch speakers in Netherlands let their rights and traditions be eroded into nothingness by a policy of appeasement and giving in to the demands of a hostile, militant minority?

Swap the skin colors of the militant, hostile minority and the appeasing majority and you have South Africa under the Apartheid system. Nobody on the NYT editorial board would argue for Apartheid in the case of South Africa. Why do they argue for the same damn thing if the militant, hostile minority are Moroccan Muslim immigrants?

There must be no government policy of religious or cultural appeasement! Appeasement is another face of Jim Crow, separate-but-equal, Dhimmist Apartheid. The law is the law, apply it equally to all. If there are inequal laws then strike them down. Appeasement should have nothing to do with it.

Not speaking Flemish or Dutch, I have no idea what Vlaams Belang's platform is. But if their appeal is to universal laws applied equally, without appeasement or institutionalized apartheid of any sort, then I applaud them. And so should all sane people. On the other hand, if they are simply anti-Muslim, as the article alleges repeatedly, then shame on them. However, I suspect the truth is more complex than an either-or dichotomy would indicate. Anyone who knows better, please pipe up and tell us what is really going on.

Thanks to DhimmiWatch for pointing the way to this. An earlier version of my rant can be found here.

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