Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Right's Leftist Chimera

Hilzoy writes in ObsidianWings in a response to an article titled "Who, Exactly, Is This "Left" About Which I Hear Such Strange And Dreadful Things?":
I grew up in Cambridge MA.... I am, heaven help us, a Harvard faculty brat. When I was nine, and watching the '68 convention, the father of the friend at whose house I was watching it said something that made it clear that he was for Humphrey, and I was amazed, since it had never occurred to me that I would ever actually meet anyone who was for someone as far right as Humphrey. Nixon voters might as well have been hippogriffs or mermen as far as I was concerned. I then went off to another Ivy for college, moved to Berkeley, then to Sweden, then to Israel, and then back to Harvard again. Since then I have been teaching in what we all know to be the liberal academy. In between I have worked in a center for abused children, and spent five years working in a battered women's shelter. I also did research for a commission headed by Olof Palme (a socialist!!!) on disarmament. I used to help my sister, who works in low-income housing and childcare, do surveys of abandoned housing in Boston for fun! My best friend, after getting her medical degree, went off and worked on a number of Native American reservations. I mean, I could go on and on. I know leftists.

And I have never heard anyone say anything like what Ward Churchill said either. Or, I take that back: I have heard of one person I know who said that, but he's in another country, and more or less mad. (He supported Pol Pot too. Not a friend of mine.) Other than that, no one at all. Ever. I also don't know anyone who hates America, for what it's worth. Or wants Zarqawi/Baathists/whoever to win. Or any of that stuff.


The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy posted by Hello

Check out this quote from the article.
In passing: the mere existence of Rush Limbaugh, not to mention Michael Savage et al, makes Instapundit's claim that "the right has done a better job of muzzling and marginalizing its idiots" very funny.
The different thing about Limbaugh and Savage, compared to any leftist media figures, is that they have armies of dittoheads who are their proud followers. The dittohead phenomenon makes me wonder if the reason the right thinks that there is a huge mass of Ward Churchills and PLO patsies in the Democratic party is that they expect to see a corresponding leftist-dittohead phenomenon that follows Ward Churchill around like ducklings following their mother.

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