Thursday, February 17, 2005

Syria a la Milius

In his latest editorial, Thomas L. Friedman pens a monologue worthy of John Milius writing for Arnold Schwarzenneger.
Message from the Syrian regime to Washington, Paris and Lebanon's opposition: "You want to play here, you'd better be ready to play by Hama Rules - and Hama Rules are no rules at all. You want to squeeze us with Iraq on one side and the Lebanese opposition on the other, you'd better be able to put more than U.N. resolutions on the table. You'd better be ready to go all the way - because we will. But you Americans are exhausted by Iraq, and you Lebanese don't have the guts to stand up to us, and you French make a mean croissant but you've got no Hama Rules in your arsenal. So remember, we blow up prime ministers here. We shoot journalists. We fire on the Red Cross. We leveled one of our own cities. You want to play by Hama Rules, let's see what you've got. Otherwise, hasta la vista, baby."
Though the Syrians, Bashar, etc, wouldn't agree with the casting, they would agree with the essence of the message.

France has a Hama Rules force in its pocket: The French Foreign Legion. But France has become pussy-whipped by its national mistress, the oil exporting middle east. Unless France wakes up to the fact that it is being dragged around by its manhood it will keep on sleep-walking its way to a future French Caliphate, along with the rest of Eurabia.

However, Friedman left out one powerful regional player in this little melodrama.

Think... think... think...

If engaged, Israel has the intestinal fortitude, the personnel, equipment, and the will to play a part in this little battle. If the Lebanese opposition can call up the political willpower to ask for help from Jews (not such a bad choice with Syria all up in Lebanon's shorts) then Israel could make a difference. There is no love lost between Israel and Syria. Israel and Lebanon are both part of the new Sharm Club of Four. Find a way to appease the Palestinians and Egyptians and it might happen.

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