Sunday, February 13, 2005

What Would Theo Van Gogh Say?

Sometimes when wandering around the net you find something old that suddenly, because of new developments, has taken on a new importance that was never suspected.
August 09, 2004
How to get rid of imported Imams, by Guest Contributor KianB

As a citizen of Holland for decades, I have a very interesting story to tell you about how Dutch Government assimilated the threat of mosques by training their own Imams:

The main problem in Holland with fundamentalists was that they used mosques to spread the laws of sharia (like everywhere else) in a total sphere of ignorance to the society and people of Holland. The imported Imams, mostly from Morocco or Turkey - without speaking a word of Dutch, used the pulpit to spread their ignorance about the free society of Holland. In a society where homosexual marriage is legal from the 80's and soft drugs from the 70's, preaching anti-homosexual hate would be considered not a threat but an obstacle to the society's peace.

The government saw the root of the problem in imported Imams, those who brainwash ordinary mosque-visitors (like everywhere else again!). The kids that are learning Islam for the first time from the words of Imams will think what they say is right.

So the government thought "why we just don't set up our own 'Imam Training Schools' and ask moderate muslims to actually have a job as Imam." (Instead of being bar keeper or pizza delivery guy). For being an Imam you need an approval from the government and who gets that approval? Only those who participated in Imam Training School (not like everywhere else!) You have a job and a salary, you pay your taxes.

There are rules about how to talk in mosques and what to talk about in mosques to have a better and productive mosque rather than a nest for terror.

So they set up schools for training Imams as a 1-year training course ( it could be just like any other course, HTML programmer, that is) and the participants were those moderate young muslims born and raised in Holland who actually knew what the values of this society are and their main reason for participation was to have a job as a modern moderate Imam. They may be in the same line as Osama bin Laden still, but at least they know they have to respect the society and don't talk like they are in the time of Muhammed.

Talk about other stuff in mosque, encourage visitors to engage in educational subjects rather than judging the sexual preferences of non-muslims.

I know the same rules might not apply in the United States but to what extent do you think this story can teach us something?

Sounds reasonable. Let's find out what Theo thinks.

[Dialtone, touch tones, then ringing. An answering machine picks up with a rude message in Dutch. Beep.]

Male: Theo? Theo? Where are you man? Damn. Where are you man? It's me, the biggest prick you know whose ugly mug doesn't scowl back at you in the mirror every morning. Call me back!

[Hangup. Wait. Dialtone, touchtones, then ringing.]

Female: Hello?

Male: Hirsi? Hirsi Ali? Are you still here? Have you seen Theo?

Female: He's dead. A Moroccan Jihadist pig attacked him while he was riding his bike, murdered him, and pinned a death threat against me to his chest with a dagger.

Male: Damn! You're kidding me! Damn damn damn damn!

Female: It's true.

Male: Where are you hiding out?

Female: I'm staying in the Netherlands. They can't silence me.

Male: I can't believe some Moroccan immigrant piece of shit cut Theo to death. This has got to stop!
Well, KianB. I guess the government mosques didn't work out quite like you expected!

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