Friday, February 11, 2005

Zawahiri on Copts

Released on the Internet on February 2 and broadcast on Al Jazeera on February 10 around 2PM, Al Qaeda's own Ayman Al Zawahiri had a comment on the recent elections in Iraq and Palestine, and the upcoming ones in Saudi Arabia. In the midst of his speech, in a section that Al Jazeera deleted from their English language version of the speech but that Joseph Braude of TNR Online translated, he states:
The freedom that we want is not the freedom of interest-bearing banks and vast corporations and misleading mass media; not the freedom of the destruction of others for the sake of materialistic interests; and not the freedom of AIDS and an industry of obscenities and homosexual marriages; and not the freedom to use women as a commodity to gain clients, win deals, or attract tourists; not the freedom of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and not the freedom of trading in the apparatus of torture and supporting the regimes of oppression and Copts and suppression, the friends of America; and not the freedom of Israel, with their annihilation of the Muslims and destruction of the Aqsa mosque; and not the freedom of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.
Note the prominence of one Christian sect. Zawahiri has a focus on Coptic Christians. If he is focusing on the Copts there must be others in Al Qaeda focusing on Copts.

I think that Copts had better stick together and be prepared to defend themselves. Al Qaeda is either targeting them directly or stirring up the hotheads to attack them.

Actually... the terror has already started in Jersey City.


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