Saturday, March 05, 2005

An American Legion of Foreigners

Imagine! A la Babelfish

English: Uncle Sam Wants You!
French: L'Oncle SAM Vous veut!
German: Uncle Sam Wünscht Sie!
Italian: Lo Zio SAM Li desidera!
Portuguese: O Tio Sam Quê-lo!
Spanish: ¡El Tío SAM Le desea!

Learn English, learn teamwork and leadership, make friends who will be friends for the rest of your life, learn to field dress a wound, to fight, drive, build, and succeed at anything you do. Travel the world, save innocents from tyrrany, destroy terrorists, pirates, thugs, and murderers, triumph in the cause of freedom and justice, and after a five year tour of service, earn US Citizenship.

Now that's a sales pitch!

A great article, a few weeks old, from Max Boot at the LA Times, via Discarded Lies.

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