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Arab Volunteers in Iraq

Internet Haganah has an article by Reuven Paz of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center of THE PROJECT FOR THE RESEARCH OF ISLAMIST MOVEMENTS (PRISM)
Since the end of the major phase of the war in Iraq and the collapse of the former Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein in May 2003, Iraq—like Afghanistan in the 1980s, and Bosnia and Chechnya in the 1990s—has turned into a magnet for Jihadi volunteers. Unlike the case of Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya, the vast majority of the volunteers that streamed into Iraq are Arabs, while only few fighters stem from non-Arab Muslim countries or emigrant communities in the West.
The Muharib have started to publish lists of their dead cockroaches, and GLORIA has analyzed the lists.
Sorted by their countries of origin, the 154 Arabs killed in Iraq in the past six months have the following distribution:
Country Number Percent
Saudi Arabia: 94 61%
Syria: 16 10.4%
Iraq: 13 8.4%
Kuwait: 11 7.1%
Jordan: 4
Lebanon: 3 (one was living in Denmark)
Libya: 2
Algeria: 2
Morocco: 2 (one was living in Spain)
Yemen: 2
Tunisia: 2
Palestine: 1
Dubai: 1
Sudan: 1 (living in Saudi Arabia)
The report draws special attention to the lack of Egyptians and Iraqis among the suicidal muharib in Iraq. So if these numbers are indeed representative of the degree to which the different parts of the Arab world are at war with America, then it's pretty clear that America's so-called allies in Saudi Arabia have "got some splainin to do... Luuuuuuuucyyyyyy!"

It is certainly what the Iraqis believe. As Stephen Schwartz notes in an article in the Weekly Standard:
Few in the West seemed to notice earlier this week when 2,000 people assembled in Hilla, near Baghdad, to protest a car bombing that killed at least 125. The demonstrators chanted "No to terrorism! No to Baathism and Wahhabism!"
So the Iraqis believe that the terrorists who attack them are primarily Wahhabists (from Saudi Arabia) and Baathist thugs from the Saddam Hussein kleptocracy. Let's see where in Saudi Arabia the terrorist volunteers are from:
Najd (mostly in Riyadh): 61
Qassim/Buraydah: 12
Hijaz (mostly in Mecca): 7
Eastern province: 7
Southern province: 5
North/Tabbouk: 2

Out of 154 Arabs killed in Iraq, 33 carried out suicide attacks, as following:
Saudi Arabia: 23*
Syria: 5
Kuwait: 2
Libya: 1
Iraq: 1
Morocco: 1

* 10 from Najd—9 of them from Riyadh; 5 from the Eastern province; 5 from Buraydah; 2 from the Hijaz; 1 from the Southern province.
Since Najd is where Wahhabism is from, this is a clear-cut indictment of Wahhabism as the driving force behind suicide bombings in Iraq.
The intensive involvement of Saudi volunteers for Jihad in Iraq is also the result of the Saudi government's doublespeak, whereby it is willing to fight terrorism, but only if directly affected by it on its own soil. Saudi Arabia is either deliberately ignoring, or incapable and too weak, to engage in open and brave opposition to Jihadi terrorism outside of the Kingdom. In the future, the Iraqi experience of these mainly Saudi volunteers may create a massive group of "Iraqi alumni" that will threaten the fragile internal situation of the desert kingdom.
As the report notes, this situation is acting as a training ground for Saudi muharib terrorists that will end up rebounding on the Saudis at home. I only hope that the Saudis realize this and stem the flow of terrorist recruits and funds to terrorists before one of these terrorist groups manages to assemble a nuclear weapon.

And that, my friends, is what it's all about!

Daily Pundit is on this, with an extensive set of comments. Highly recommended.
Stephen Schwartz has an article in the Weekly Standard.
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