Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Error of Christian Jihadis

From Dak Bangla, a very interesting source for intelligence information from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. I have been subscribing to the RSS feed for the good bits, but have recently noticed how patchy it is getting. This letter stirred up questions for me.
Dear Dak Bangla,

I am writing to you in regards to your article "Global Jihad" that was posted on one of the lists that I belong on. I must say that I enjoyed the article and found it to be well written. Though I would like to point out a few things if I may. The issue's in Palestine has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, as it has everything to do with Zionism, colonialism and imperialism. Since the creation of "Israel" my people have been left as you know as refugees and not to mention the brutal, military and illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

In reality, the pioneers of Arab Nationalism have always been the Christian Arabs, in particular the Christian Palestinians if we're speaking of Palestine, in general. It was also the Christian Palestinians who wrote and created the original Palestinian charter, which is considered our constitution.

I understand that you are from Bangledesh, but I feel that it is not the place of a Muslim or even a Christian non-Arab to take ownership of our cause by making it into an issue of religion. Both, Muslims and Christians in Palestine are suffering under the brutality of Zionism, and the poor conditions that my people live in the refugee camps both inside and outside of Palestine.

I love and respect the Jihad and the message of your article and what it represents in the Qur'on. But, believe me, the Christian Palestinians believe in the Jihad as well. In Palestine, we have a Priest at the highest level in the church who supports the Jihad and continues to preach to kids of the Christian faith to fight back in the name of jihad and for their country and homeland.

George Habash of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is an excellent example, and he was born a Christian. Not to mention Nayef Hawatmeh of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and many others.

I hope you will take this letter in good faith and I look forward to reading your future articles. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Samia Saleh

Dear Samia - Thanks for your beutifully written letter. Next time around, wqe [sic] will be very oblige [sic] if you can send us the URL link of the article in questioon for benefit of our readers. As you well understand our limitations, all ariclkes go into our archive and are no longer available in the front page after 24hours. Regards - DBISM
Stunning, isn't it? Certainly worth researching.

A few searches confirmed what the letter writer claimed about the founders of the PFLP and DFLP. Further, the christian priest she refers to must be one of the ones named as new Marcionites in this article about Replacement Theology.
The new Marcionites’ course of action has two principal consequences for the rapidly dwindling number of Christians in the Middle East:
  1. Insofar as it justifies Christian support for the Islamic jihad against Israel, it weakens Christianity, which is included by Muslims – with Jews and Israel – in the framework of jihad and dhimmitude;
  2. Its Marcionist element separates Christianity from its Old Testament roots, fostering the Islamization (and consequent disappearance or subjugation) of Palestinian Christian Arabs.
Ironically, the wanton Jew hatred fueling the Palestinian dhimmi clerics’ replacement theology is self-destructive — blinding them (and their fellow travelers in Europe and beyond) to the agenda of their ostensible Islamist "allies" who seek to supersede and replace not only Judaism, but Christianity as well. And this ultimate desire of the Islamists extends far beyond the Holy Land, having in fact no geographical constraints.
The one thing that no Christian with a memory can forget is that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were Jews. As were all the original Apostles, even Paul and Mary Magdalene. Christianity began as a branch of Judaism. And while the Church developed from there, and the differences in its core beliefs became more and more manifest over time, Christians now cannot reject the font from which the Church sprang any more than a moral human can reject his or her own parents. After all, the ten commandments are still valid within Jesus' teachings. "Honor thy father and mother" applies just as much to Judaism, the mother from whose womb Christianity sprang, as it does to Mary, Jesus' own mother.

This is, in fact, one of the great weaknesses of Islam. Islam rejects its parents, Christianity and Judaism, just as converts to Islam must reject their own non-Muslim parents.

Christians must embrace Judaism as the tribal source of their Truth, before Jesus extended the Truth to the entire world. This is impossible while subscribing to a belief in Jihad that is bound up in hatred of Jews. In addition, Jihadis do not hesitate to offend Christians directly. Christian Jihadis have lost their bearings, they cannot tell right from wrong, they are self-haters. We must pity them and help them to rediscover the truth.

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