Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Kamal Nawash: Wake Up Muslims!

On, Kamal Nawash writes a "Wake-up call for my fellow Muslims." Every single word is worthy of being quoted. Given the abundance of quote-worthy material, I could go the easy way and simply reprint the whole thing. But I won't. Nawash chastises those who refuse to acknowledge the dark side of Islam, those who blame the Jews for every problem in the world, those who claim that the 9/11 attacks and the Indian Ocean Tsunami were caused by Zionist perfidy. To these deniers, be they Muslims or fellow-travelers, every piece of evidence that shows the Muslim face of evil must be denounced as Islamophobic or Muslim-bashing. Whether they are practicing taqiyya, some version of fitna, are hallucinatory, suffering from paranoid fantasies, or whatever the cause must be, they do not live in the world of reality.

He traces the beginning of this trend to 1980. 1979 and 1980 were an incredible two-year-span of violent change in the Muslim world.

1979 was the year that All this led in 1980 to Back from that tangent, perhaps the most startling quote:
Muslims must wake up, look inward and put a stop to many of our religious leaders who spend most of their sermons teaching hatred, intolerance and violent jihad. We should not be afraid to admit that as Muslims we have a problem with violent extremism. We should not be afraid to admit that so many of our religious leaders belong behind bars, and not behind a pulpit.
Highly recommended!

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