Thursday, March 24, 2005

Network Mapping the 9/11 Conspiracy

It's perfect! Valdis Krebs is an extremely smart man. Read it!

Here's a money quote that describes the best strategy to use to disrupt future conspiracies, should they be discovered in time
Although we do not know all of the internal ties of the hijackers' network it appears that many of the ties were concentrated around the pilots. This is a risky move for a covert network. Concentrating both unique skills and connectivity in the same nodes makes the network easier to disrupt - once it is discovered. Peter Klerks (Klerks, 2001) makes an excellent argument for targeting those nodes in the network that have unique skills. By removing those necessary skills from the project, we can inflict maximum damage to the project mission and goals. It is possible that those with unique skills would also have unique ties within the network. Because of their unique human capital and their high social capital the pilots were the richest targets for removal from the network. Unfortunately they were not discovered in time.
Did I mention that you should read it?

LAT has more. Papers 1 and 2 about disrupting covert networks.

H/T praktike via nadezha at LAT.

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