Monday, March 21, 2005

Responsibility Rants

Mahmood, of Mahmood's Den has a terrific rant about Muslims who refuse to accept responsibility for their own stank countries. Of course it's because they will rise up against any non-Muslims who rule oppress their countries but try to reason and work with Muslim oppressors.
I don't know about you, I do know however that I am absolutely sick of hearing the following phrases:
  1. This is not in our Arab tradition
  2. This is not in our Muslim tradition
  3. This is alien to our way of life
  4. This is not Islam
And this...
Of course, those of us who are awake know better.
  • Denying a problem as big as terrorism only makes it get bigger.
  • Denying that Islam condones killing only makes it weaker.
  • Denying that the root of our problems is our pathetic hold on Islam without having the courage to question it in all of its facets and the very people who have assigned themselves as its guardians and interpreters will only lead us to the complete disappearance of not only this religion, but our culture.
  • Denying democracy will only continue to let others treat us as useless sheep.
We deserve what we got so far.

This is what we're harvesting from hundreds of years of accepting mediocrity as excellence. This is what we're reaping from acceptance of our lot and acquiescing to "Allah's will" rather than understanding that our lot can indeed be improved by tolerance, understanding, acceptance of others, hard work and sweat and not depending on Allah to fix things for us.
The comments are just as good as, and perhaps better, than the main article. Go read them.

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