Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Saudi Religious Policeman Punished

From the Arab News:
Every society in the world has laws as part of its structure. These laws are written and codified so that anyone who wants can look them up in public libraries. Every citizen in those countries knows the law; if they don’t, they can easily find out. Unfortunately, there is much vagueness about Saudi law, especially when it comes to social conduct.

Worse still, there is a government body known as “The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.” It is known generally as the mutawaa, or religious police, and they operate all over the Kingdom without laws or written guidelines. [...]

Yesterday, a local newspaper reported that a member of the commission was sentenced to lashes and imprisonment because he had defamed a woman in public because she did not cover her face. The male member of the family refused to forgive him and brought two witnesses to court who testified that they heard the man use unprintable words to the woman.
Developments like this, in conjunction with the local elections in Saudi Arabia, give hope to those who want a world at peace, without dhimmitude and global terrorism. Amen.

Tip of the hat to Crossroads Arabia.

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