Monday, March 14, 2005

Wilders Speaks

Geert Wilders, the Independent Dutch politician who has had to move into prison blocks in order to protect his life from all the Islamicist death threats he has received, introduces the platform for the new political party he plans to create in the Netherlands. God bless him, and keep him safe. The Netherlands, and indeed all of Europe need someone with some backbone to stand up to the intolerant, oppressive, misogynistic tide of Muslim immigrants to Europe.
Declaration of Independence
By Geert Wilders

So far the Dutch voter got to know me as a politician with clear views on the multicultural society, immigration, terrorism and security. Sadly enough this has lead to the mistaken view that my new political movement would be anti Islam. But nothing is less true.

The problems with the (radical) Islam are serious and deserve a much firmer answer than the current government offers, but the Dutch problems we are struggling with have much deeper roots. We have to deal with many interconnected crisis’s that are the result from the incompetence of the political elite in Brussel [EU] and Den Haag [The Netherlands] , who seem to be unable to identify problems objectively and to solve them effectively. Our country is unsafe, the public space is degenerated, the economy is ailing and the public sector is a mess.

My theme is freedom.

The new political movement will put regaining our freedom central because our political, cultural and economical freedoms and independence are in bad shape.

That is why I put freedom central. The freedom that your mother can walk on the street in the evening, the freedom that you keep enough of your salary to support your family, the freedom you have because your retirement fund is safe, the freedom that is there because our companies are thriving, the freedom you have because the government protects your family against terrorists, the freedom of a job and a good life, the freedom as a country to independently make decisions.

That’s the message I want to deliver to a nation that is until now is being hijacked and subjugated by a political elite who does not rise sufficient in defense for the preservation of our democratic constitutional state, our safety, our prosperity and our independence. The big political parties – PvdA [Socialists], CDA [Christian Democrats] and VVD [Liberals] – just agree on the most important issues, recently that was demonstrated by their unanimous support for the European constitution and the Turkeys admission to European union.

Under their leadership the Dutch middleclass has been ignored. The so-called progressive spirit of the time holds The Netherlands now for 30 years in its grip of political correctness, a megalomaniac government, multiculturalism and subjugation to Brussels [European] Bureaucrats. My former political party, the liberal (VVD) party, never wanted to free it self from that spirits of the time, instead it follows it until the present day.

I love The Netherlands very much – but less and less The Netherlands as it now is. I am proud on the fact how we succeeded in building a free, prosperous and safe society. But that is more and more loosing its appeal.

Every fiber in my body resists in the idea that we should adept our society to the norms and values of the Islamic culture who is alien is to ours. Colegue politicians accuse me of doing proposals that are ‘not possible’: laws and treaty would stand in the way of execution of my proposals. That kind of attitude makes me angry. First they let it all happen and then they put their hands in the air and call: “Sorry, but we can’t do anything about anymore”.
Needed is a firm political will, which will end the administrative culture of hiding behind self-invoked powerlessness to change things. And there has to change a lot.

First we have to realize that we are not powerless. We can shape the history our selves, and control our destiny as a people our selves, make independent decisions about our form of government, cultural and economic system in our country. We have to liberate our self of a culture of low expectations.

I am not a politician who throws his hands in the air as a way to apologize to the voters. I loathe insincere political correct behavior. A representative of the people should take his responsibility and now waiver and above all represent the interest of the people. That is why I think creatively about measures to parry all our problems. If international treaties hinder us in serving our self-interest, we have to adjust them and when needed redraw from them. We have to dare to dream and make possible what in Den Haag [center of Dutch politics] is hold for impossible.

I plead for a totally new kind of politics, with a totally different style and content. Not just talk, but action. Not just Haags nagging but objectively search for solutions that is my device.

The way that The Netherlands has been ruled in the last decennia is the most important cause of our current problems. I don’t want that an elite made of cowardly and scared people (of what political party what so ever) keep this country hijacked any longer. The political correct “sorry culture” when dealing with the multicultural drama is just one example of that seizure of The Netherlands by that political elite. That is why I also want to combat them on other fronts as well. I want to give this country back to its citizens.

In this declaration of independence I plea for a number of serious measures, who restore our country, as it should be: free, prosperous and independent. Our history forces us to a struggle that is not without engagement, but most necessary. That struggle is about the continuation of The Netherlands as a recognizable nation, a country that is on the point to say it’s old roots goodbye and wants to trade them for multiculturalism, culture relativism and an European super state and that all under the leadership of a political elite that long a go lost its way.

Of that elite I declare myself independent.


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